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So, I’ll write this as if I’m not the only person reading it. I have five more assignments to do this semester. They are my major focus. University subjects are too expensive to fail and repeat. Both in time and money. Once I’m through this semester, I’ll schedule regular updates to this site.

Focus of the site

Besides being a place to publish my creative works, I want to start writing some essays about liberty and how are freedoms are being stolen from us. My goal is for one essay a month. One update a month on this site isn’t going to help grow the site. So, in the weeks that I don’t upload an essay, I will either upload a poem or some other piece that will be shorter.

I also want to do some commentary on news events. However, I’m not entirely certain how to approach that yet. Hopefully, I figure that out soon.

On the eve of battle
A smart warrior meditates
Neither worrying nor celebrating
They waste and destroy energy
Focused in the moment
Precise and deliberate
The warrior acts

I couldn’t quite get the word length to fit each line as exactly as I’d like. Oh well, that’s it for this post.

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