New Year Goals

Short Stories

As I embark on my authorship journey, this website is going to be my primary publishing point. The acknowledgements in a book I read recently spoke about beta readers. So, one of my new year goals is to set up the membership plugin to build a community of beta readers.

My recent studies taught me that short stories are the fastest way to improve my writing. There are apparently lots of writing competitions and I will search for and enter those. After the competitions have been drawn, I’ll post the stories here.

A story I submitted for an assignment last semester has been graded. I’ll be publishing it soon, I just want to learn to draw first so I can add an illustration to it. I would like to turn it into a series of short stories. I hope I can get that project off the ground in the new year too.

Book Reviews

I am going to do reviews on books I either already own or that I purchase. I have a lot of books so this will take a while. However, I think it will be a worthwhile endeavour and a starting point for discussions. As I expect people to disagree with my ideas of the dominant message in each work. I’ll be reviewing both non-fiction and fiction works.


I’m going to do a series of essays on personal values and liberty. Jordan Peterson has spoken a lot about writing being the tool for clarifying and improving your thinking. The enlightenment period was a time of essay writing and the result was The American Revolutionary War. I feel humans have forgotten many of the lessons of that period. I also think that new tools of information transfer require us to update those ideas. In the age of fake news and propaganda media, the ability to absorb, analyse and form new ideas is critical for success. And reviewing our foundation can help us learn ways to apply those principles to our new world.


Next year will be a difficult year, politicians will continue to try and squash us, I am studying four subjects each semester instead of my previous three subjects because I want to graduate. That might change because I need 90% to improve my GPA to the spot I need for being invited for honours without begging. I’m running a dog training business (very part-time) to supplement the income I receive for studying. And I’m volunteering to help Liberal Democrats gain seats in the Australian Election. This website makes no money, so it may end up taking a back seat. HOWEVER, I am committed to it and will be posting content throughout the year.

I hope everyone has a great holiday period and a successful new year.

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