My name is Jakob Shanks, I live in Queensland, Australia. In my life, I’ve worked as a removalist, a programmer, a security officer, a dog trainer, and a general handyman. I am currently studying for my Bachelor of Psychology. I also have Persistent Depressive Disorder. And, I am naturally curious about most topics.

Dogs on a Bed
Figure 24: Left to right, Jaeger, Waverley, Reaper, Fred

I’ve tried to start this blog a few times over the last two years. The premise behind the blog has evolved from being a simple collection of my creative works to hopefully, also including my academic writing, and now I hope to add commentary about news and current events.

It’s ironic that in the information age people are so ill-informed. However, if we think about it for a moment it does make sense. We’re at the beginning of the information age and humans are only just developing the skills to cope with information overload. However, the truth is available for people who can sift through misinformation.

One of my goals for this blog is to help people see current events in the context of history and to unweave the spin from politicians and the media. For years now, I’ve noticed a degradation in our civil liberties and basic human rights. I hope that the information I provide helps people stay better informed and make better decisions.

I will try to separate the facts of a story from my commentary. Because I want people to be able to make informed decisions I want the facts to stand separate. However, I also want to educate and persuade people that our basic freedoms are worth fighting for. So, I will be adding my analysis to the news and hopefully, more people will begin standing up for their rights.

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