Nothing to Report

German Shepherd going for a ride
Figure 25: I just got home from Uni, and Fred jumps in the car hoping for a ride.

“Here is the site, it’s all secure, should be an easy night for you.”

The client leaves, the dog is whining. Get the dog ready for initial patrol. The plovers have babies and are upset we’re too close to them. Pull out the baton and scream a war cry, they decide the babies can figure it out on their own. The client lied half the site is unsecure. Finished locking all the doors and gates and closing windows. The dog takes a dump. Pick it up. Fill out the logbook. Go for another patrol, the plovers don’t bother us this time. Half the shift has gone, it’s cold now. Go back to the car but the jacket is not in it. Go for another patrol, the dog starts pulling hard, the fence rattles, shining the torch in that direction can’t find anything. The dog diverts from the line to a tree near the fence and starts barking. Shine the torch see a possum. Call Dog an idiot and continue the patrol. Dog spitefully takes a second dump, pick that one up too.

Shivering now, go for another patrol. Stop, what’s that smell? Smokes, Dog picks a direction and starts heading. Not pulling hard like last time, he’s more intent, more serious. Hearing voices, close to the fence, we round the corner of the building cops are getting a hard time from some itinerant person. His back is towards the fence. We stalk closer, no one has seen us yet. Dog gets to the fence and launches at it snarling and gnashing his teeth. The itinerant person jumps about six feet. Cops laugh. Continue patrol.

Skin is going blue, Dog is dragging his feet, finish the last patrol. put the dog away. Finish log entry. The client comes and asks how the night was? Nothing to Report.

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