My Submission to the Australian Disinformation and Misinformation Bill

Hon Michelle Rowland MPMinister for CommunicationsPO Box 6022House of RepresentativesParliament HouseCanberra ACT 2600 Submission to New ACMA powers to combat misinformation and disinformation Dear Minister Rowland, I reject the first premise in the fact sheet that the safety and wellbeing of Australians, their democracy, society, and economy are threatened by misinformation and disinformation. And even… Continue reading My Submission to the Australian Disinformation and Misinformation Bill

Confused and Alone

Confused and afraid Lost and alone Enveloped in fog Sinking in mud No path to follow No map to guide me I don’t know how to reach my destination I don’t know how to carry on my journey I wrote this poem three years ago. It came up in my Facebook memories today so I… Continue reading Confused and Alone

New Year Goals

Short Stories As I embark on my authorship journey, this website is going to be my primary publishing point. The acknowledgements in a book I read recently spoke about beta readers. So, one of my new year goals is to set up the membership plugin to build a community of beta readers. My recent studies… Continue reading New Year Goals

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The Proletariat

Locked in a steel cage Carried far from home To a concrete prison Disguised as freedom Trading Time and energy For sustenance, existence Pleasing invisible masters Striving to stay in jail Surrounded by others Stuck in the same struggle No speeches shouted Nor conversations whispered

Nothing to Report

Figure 25: I just got home from Uni, and Fred jumps in the car hoping for a ride.

“Here is the site, it’s all secure, should be an easy night for you.” The client leaves, the dog is whining. Get the dog ready for initial patrol. The plovers have babies and are upset we’re too close to them. Pull out the baton and scream a war cry, they decide the babies can figure… Continue reading Nothing to Report

Site Membership

Hello Everyone. So, I’ve become aware of an issue with logins and registrations and the captcha not displaying. I’m know how to fix this but I don’t have the time this fortnight. As I don’t have anyone who is a member and am unlikely to attract any members in the next month I’m not in… Continue reading Site Membership

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Website Updates

So, I’ll write this as if I’m not the only person reading it. I have five more assignments to do this semester. They are my major focus. University subjects are too expensive to fail and repeat. Both in time and money. Once I’m through this semester, I’ll schedule regular updates to this site. Focus of… Continue reading Website Updates

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Lament to Ignorance

People who have never been there can’t understand. They’re ignorant, yet disparage those who are there. Ignorant and entertained by another’s pain. Their antipathy denies them humanity. Their callousness angers the wise.


Why aren’t I worthy? Why aren’t I good enough? Why don’t I ever stand a chance? If I knew what I lacked I’d get it. If I knew what to do I’d do it. If I knew what to say and when I’d say it. If I was rude and selfish would you notice me?… Continue reading Enough

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